Nick Rawlins

Nick is a project manager who has worked for Rino since 2019. He grew up in Oahu, Hawaii, and moved to Washington in 2004. He likes spending his free time golfing, watching football and basketball, or riding on his boat and jet skis.

Nick attended Central Washington University, and he picked up 11 years of experience in the construction industry before joining Rino. He enjoys helping build complicated projects, and resolving critical issues to ensure each job keeps moving forward. “My twin brother and dad are both firemen,” he says. “We joke that I put out more fires in a day than they do in a year.”

He says that his favorite part of working for Rino is the inclusive, friendly culture. He also likes how Rino “builds projects uniquely suited to a skillset that requires us to think outside the box.”

“Culture is important to us. We understand that building tough work with tight deadlines requires teams that work collaboratively. We seek individuals that mesh well with the culture we’re looking for — the ‘work hard and play harder’ mentality, which is easier when everyone is of the same mindset and ideals.”

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