Josh Tedeschi

With over 22 years in the industry, Josh Tedeschi loves his work. He originally got started in construction because a friend told him about a job–now he’s running projects for Rino as a superintendent.

Josh’s biggest responsibility is taking care of his crews, and he doesn’t take it lightly. Making sure the foremen have what they need keeps each team on track and making money, which is good for everyone at Rino. For Josh a job well done is pretty simple: if the work gets done, the money comes in, and the customer benefits, then it’s a success. 

Success means we all get to keep working, and spend time on things we enjoy. For Josh, that’s hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, and simply being out in the woods. 

He loves the people he works with, past and present and credits his first boss for a lot of his success. From Josh’s perspective, our industry needs to evangelize through social media so the next generation of young people can grasp what a worthwhile career they can have in construction.

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