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Over recent years, the Seattle region’s booming growth has led to a dramatic expansion of our services. While we founded our company on small logging and clearing jobs, we now offer full-service construction solutions. We’re comfortable working in tight urban spaces or wide-open rural areas. From deep in the woods to downtown Seattle. What makes Rino Construction unique? We’re not a one trick pony — we’re a one-stop shop for heavy civil development and public works projects. We tackle everything including the demolition of existing structures, land clearing, mass excavation, finish grading, utilities, concrete flatwork and paving.



Many projects begin with the demolition of existing structures. Our crews can get rid of existing buildings, utilities, concrete structures, and just about anything else that’s in the way. We even recover, recycle and reuse as much of the demolished material as we can.


Land Clearing

Since our roots lie in land clearing, we love clearing projects. We have tons of experience in both climbing and limbing trees in sensitive areas with chainsaws and clearing entire properties with feller bunchers. We do our part to clear sustainably, too. Whatever wood isn’t hauled to the mill is chipped into mulch. Nothing we clear goes to waste.



We love to move a lot of dirt in a hurry. Our approach is to finish projects quickly by planning thoroughly and deploying big iron with skilled operators. Team Rino understands the complexities of large cut & fill sites, import/export jobs, and any other type of excavation project. Our fleet is comprised of excavators, scrapers, haul trucks, dozers, loaders, trucks, tractors and the best operators in the industry.


Underground Utilities

We self-perform the entire installation process of storm, water, and sewer. We also perform excavation for large underground drainage vaults, utility vaults, and storm water ponds — anything that’s part of the utility system. For dry utilities, we do all of the excavation and backfill required for power, gas, and fiber.


Deep Hole Excavation

In order to add stability as well as beauty to urban landscapes like that of downtown Seattle, highrise building projects start by going down before they go up. Excavating large basements is much more complex than average excavations. In addition to excavators and dozers, we utilize conveyors, cranes, and other unique tools to get the job done. We also understand working within the strictest municipal regulations and how to move massive amounts of earth while keeping our impact to the community small.


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