At Rino Construction, we’re recruiting differently. We have an eye on retention before our new employees even join the team. Company culture is not just a buzz phrase for us. It is a necessary focus and foundation for how we do business. We hire based on whether the actual person is a fit for our team with the mindset that we can train for a skill set.

When you first begin your employment with Rino, we generally like to start you out in the field. Working in the elements during different seasons and geography is unique to our industry. Being located in the Pacific Northwest means you can be working near the ocean, on a mountainside, or in the desert within an hour of our headquarters. It’s a big benefit to individuals who don’t see themselves in a traditional office job. The job title “laborer” may make you think it is mindless work, but that is far from the truth. Every person on our team is being groomed to move up in the company. Even as a laborer, you get to use your abilities far beyond physical labor. We want to encourage you to pull from your entire skill set and continue developing new skills as you get more comfortable on the job site.

Beginning at the laborer position and following a career path within Rino provides our employees with experience while growing our own version of on-the-job training. We cultivate this growth from within by rewarding hard work on our team. Rino is a big believer in promoting from within. When you join the company, you will likely be mentored by someone who has come up the same way you are. There is no animosity as you are trained by your mentor because they know exactly what you’re experiencing.

We are proud that many of our foremen started out as laborers within our company. By rising through the ranks, they have seen how we support our team members and we have seen their loyalty grow. While we always value the skills and education brought to the table by potential team members, it will always come down to passion and work ethic. We are embarking on our biggest year so far and we know it wouldn’t be possible without the solid team of hard-working, passionate individuals we have here at Rino. Let’s go!

If you are considering a career in construction, we encourage you to check out our career page at or give us a call at (360) 469-4941.

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