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This mixed-use commercial site included some of the most challenging utility work we’ve done to date, with extensive sewer, water, and storm requirements. Overall, we spent about five months of 2019 working on this three-building site, which also required a 30,000-yard cut to fill.

Why was this job so tricky? We needed to install two wetland storm filter vaults, along with two storm chamber infiltration systems. Nothing could leave the site, as it was all on the infiltration system. This meant that we needed the capacity to store water on-site and let it infiltrate. This project also had a lot of impermeable surfaces with parking lots and roads.

The Marques site is right along the highway in Maple Valley, close to the Rino offices. This project was very visible to the public, so we needed to make sure to keep the site as clean-looking as possible. We got everything graded out and dressed up, with our spotless machines lined up in an aesthetically pleasing manner for the large amount of foot traffic in the area.

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