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The commercial deep hole excavation job at the Bellevue Hilton Garden Inn in 2016 is still one of the trickiest projects we’ve taken on at Rino. It was a tight job site, as the hole stretched from sidewalk to sidewalk, and there was very little room for us to operate.

Overall, we dug a 39-foot hole for this job and exported 63,000 yards of dirt. This project required a ton of coordination with the general contractor, as well as with a drilling subcontractor. As we dug down, the drilling sub had to shore the sidewalls, a process that took us about a month of excavation work.

Excavation wasn’t our only responsibility on this site though, as we also did the cap work on the concrete slab down below, and we handled all of the utility work as well. It took us about two total months of work to complete all aspects of this project, but because we couldn’t do the utility work until the actual vertical build was complete, this job stretched for a couple of years from start to finish.

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