It’s a major priority for us to make sure that our employees always have access to all the latest and greatest tech tools, and software is a big part of that. While there is obviously no substitute for experienced and knowledgeable people, we believe in giving our employees everything they need to do the best work possible ― every single day, on every single job site.

Like many of the top companies in our industry, we use software produced by Heavy Construction Systems Specialists (HCSS), the leading software company in the construction world. About five years ago, we took the plunge and purchased their HeavyBid product to help our estimators put together the most accurate bids possible. As soon as we got the hang of HeavyBid, we also invested in HCSS HeavyJob, which helps us with payroll, as well as tracking a wide variety of production metrics in the field.

The great thing about these two software products is that they are fully integrated with each other. As soon as we use HeavyBid to get a bid in and land a job, we budget that job and use the data back in the field with HeavyJob. And it works the other way too ― the way we’ve structured our job codes, we’re able to use the HeavyJob data back in the estimating process to provide us with cost history. The way these products work hand-in-hand allows us to access accurate production data in real-time, which was previously based more on educated guessing than we were comfortable with.

We’ve also taken full advantage of the software that comes with today’s modern iron. At Rino, we have a lot of new equipment. When we’re looking for a new machine, we don’t just focus on the brand name, but also on service issues and software integration. With the fleet-tracking capabilities of today’s equipment software, our shop manager can pull up his computer screen and see where all the equipment is at. He can see what each machine is doing, diagnose any issues, see if coolant or fluid levels are low, and more. It’s a great way to keep our equipment organized, and also to look ahead and see if there’s maintenance that needs to be done.

One thing we’ve been very careful about regarding software is to be intentional in the way we introduce and utilize these products. At the end of the day, the entire point of integrating software (or any form of technology, for that matter) is to make life easier for our guys in the field. To do that, we need everyone to buy in, from the top down. That’s why we’ve done extensive beta testing with every software product we’ve ever considered purchasing ― if our people don’t like the way it works, or don’t see the point in using it, then there’s no reason for us to invest in it to begin with.

We’re always looking for the best ways to invest in our people, and to give them everything they need to succeed. At Rino, we think purchasing software products that help us work more efficiently is a great way to do that. The technology’s out there, and we always want to be at the forefront of it.

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